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Managing Your Blog Profile

August 26th, 2011 by Kevin L. Ferguson · No Comments · Prof Ferguson

1) Just to forestall any confusion–when you create a blog for Prof. Herzog’s class, using QWriting, then you will have two blogs associated with your sign-in name. So, whenever you sign in to Qwriting to do work, you will have to decide which blog it is that you want to work with. The tricky part is that the QWriting Dashboard (the “back-end”) looks the same for every blog. If you don’t see the posts you expected to see, it might be because you’re looking at the wrong class blog. To move between blogs, select the “My Blogs” tab under the “Dashboard” menu, and you will see a list of your current blogs. Looks like this (click on picture for larger view):

2) So that we can all follow along better, I’d like everyone to change their profile to show their full name (rather than just your signin username, which might be your email address). To change your profile settings, log in to the blog, go to “Your Profile” under the “Profile” tab. Type in your name, and then use the drop-down box to select the name that will appear whenever you make a post or comment on a post. Looks like this:

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