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What to Do First

August 26th, 2011 by Kevin L. Ferguson · 10 Comments · Prof Ferguson

Welcome to the class! Here’s what you should do right away:

1) Sign up for a qwriting account, log in, and come back here to join this blog (look to the right).

2) Familiarize yourself with the blog layout and the materials I’ve uploaded. If you’re new to blogging, take a peek at some of the qwriting help pages. Remind me if I forgot to give you a password for the readings.

3) Post a comment below when you’re all signed up and introduce yourself (like: give a first impression, ask a question, or say what you want to get out of the class).

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10 Comments so far ↓

  • Huy Le

    Hi, my name is Huy Le, this is my first year in college, and I’am Vietnamese. What i want most to get out of this class is to improve on my writing skills, and reading comprehension level.

  • nlobello824

    Hey everyone my name is Nick LoBello, I’m a freshman and I want to take my writing skills to the next level!

  • Steven Rengifo

    Hello, my name is Steven Rengifo. I was born and raised in Astoria, Queens and lived there for more than 16 years. Currently I reside in Fresh Meadows and freshman here at Queens College. I am a Colombian-American that occasionally volunteer for various events around NYC. By the way, I know Huy Le from Flushing High School. I guess we are gonna be in English, Media Studies, and Anthropology for the whole semester. COOL. Also, I’m looking forward in improving my writing skills. My previous english teacher and mentor told me I am a good writer. I don’t know… but I don’t consider myself so much a good writer, but more so a good observer and explaining things in detail. Hopefully my spirits will rise up. Who knows, this might be might favorite class this semester.

  • Kevin L. Ferguson

    Thumbs up to Steven, Nick, and Huy for leaving the first comments. I also see that Daniel, Eric, Huy, Roberto, and Tom have joined the blog, so you guys get partial thumbs up too.

    I want to hear from the rest of you too, and look forward to meeting everyone in the morning.

  • Tom Schalk

    Hey, guys. The name’s Thomas Michael Louis Schalk III Jr…but the state won’t allow me to have that on paper, so LEGALLY, it’s Thomas Schalk.

    I’m not too bad at english. I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t like to write essays despite doing well. Regardless, there are times I do like to write, which is why the blog I had to make for Reading Film is growing on me. (feel free to check it out: )

    Anyways, that’s me. Your turn. :)

  • Denisha Bayley

    Hello, my name is Denisha Bayley. I would like to say that I’m a decent writer however there are times when I cant’t seem to concisely transfer my thoughts onto paper. Nevertheless, with this being a writing class focused on film, I’m looking forward to furthering my writing skills this semester.

  • Stephen Mahoney

    Hello, my name is Stephen Mahoney I’m a freshman here at Queens. I’m from Massapequa New York I’ve recently graduated from both Massapequa High School and Nassau BOCES Barry Tech for studying film. I am taking this class to learn more about how to read and write film.

  • Natalie Bernabe

    Hey, this is Natalie. First year here (should be in my second UGH), new experience here in college, but I love it!! Grad from Cardozo H.S in 2010, and I’m sorta-semi-maybe excited about this class. Call me a nerd, but I love books and writing, and I want to improve! Can’t wait! (Sadly) So let’s get to it! :]

  • Daniel Min

    Hi my name is Daniel, I was born in Manhattan, NY and grew up in Bayside my whole life. I graduated from Cardozo High School and I am looking forward to improving my writing skills and hopefully enjoy it throughout the rest of my life. Although I am not fond of the campus location here in Flushing due to the traffic condition, it is an extraordinary pleasure to be in the melting pot of New York City.

  • Jeen Kim

    Hello excuse my tardiness I had to get up to speed.

    My name is Jeen Kim and I hope to become a superb writer in all aspects by the end of this class.

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