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¶4 Bazin

September 6th, 2011 by Huy Le · 2 Comments · ¶4 Bazin

Reading comments from everyone about the Bazin was very insightful. I do think that the essay was a bit hard to read and there was a handful of references that Bazin made that ive personally never have the chance to read. With that said, what Bazin is trying to say is that adaptation is necessary from text to film weather its good or bad. Lets face it if every work of literature held their ideas and concepts when film was created, than the film would be boring and painful to watch and definitively would have not became as popular as it is today.

Personally I thought that Adaptation of any literature can be great(depending on ones preference) and flawed at the same time. Great because when you adapting to an idea, your making little changes or even big changes that might satisfy the audience or even excite them. On the other hand adaptation to some might be a total waste of their time to actually watch the film due to the fact that they had read the literature and had an idea implant it in their head and when that same idea changed due to the adaptation, leaving ones angry or disappointed.

For example, Harry Potter is one of my favorite book of all time. When it came to the big screen i was completely disappointed and thought that the movie lacked imagination. When reading Harry Potter i pictured the character much differently than the movie turned out to be. On the other hand people who never read the book tend to like the movie or they might read the book after ward and still like both.

Its the difference in audience that makes Bazin point, some might like the adaptation and some might not. But adaptation is necessary and the problem seems to be where to draw the line between good adaptation and a horrible one


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  • allymunks

    I see exactly what youre saying, The entire time I was reading Bazin;s essay I kept wanting to be familiar with his references and just wishing I would have read some so I could really understand everything he meant. And Harry Potter, i’m a potterhead. Let me just say taht with every single movie I was disappointed because I would make sure to reread the book right before the movie came out (it was tradition with my cousin to watch them the weekend or even night that the opened) It always felt like they lacked so much but who could blame them with such a time limit. For the last two movies I decided to try something new and NOT read the seventh book. My mind wasn’t fresh on details and i thought the movies were amazing. Til i reread the book afterward and still felt something missing. But before that, I got to see how good the movies really were on their own.

  • martinvukaj

    The way you saw Harry Potter in the novel was much different than the one depicted on screen and I totally respect that, but there is also some of my friends i know that have read all the books and see that danielle radcliffe plays a great harry potter so to me its all speculation and opinionated. I dont think there will ever be a book to film adaptation that everyone will love just because everyone is different and they see the books how they want in their minds before watching the movies to see how a directors vision is put on film.

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