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Bazin Response

September 7th, 2011 by nlobello824 · 1 Comment · ¶4 Bazin

In my opinion the Bazin essay was misleading disagreement with the fact that novels are adapted into film. He uses words to describe his feelings towards adaptations using words such as, “theoretical, incontestable, and secondary,” yet has an underlying respect for filmmakers visions of film. It seems funny to me how Bazin could show the type of discomfort in adaptations one moment, then respect the filmmakers idea the next regardless of quality. Even though Bazin led readers to believe he strongly opposed film adaptation, he gave filmmakers ample credit for their vision.


I do agree with Bazin in many different respects even though I feel some of his statements were redundant and misleading. Bazin and I share the same idea that cinema can never express the extreme amount of detail that literature can. Both of us feel that regardless of the filmmaker a movie must be cut to fit the specific timeframe of the moviegoer, therefore cutting out valuable detail needed to convey vital parts of the story. It isn’t impossible to express detail through film, yet it is impossible to modify the viewing time into reasonable timeframes.


Bazin’s opinion is quite confusing throughought the passage because I was under the impression that despite the quality of the fim, he respected the filmmakers vision. In this regard that includes the putrid attempt at a Hamlet parody featuring action superstar Arnold Schwartzenegger. In spite of the fact that the parody completely deviates from Shakespeares original plot, Bazin leads the reader to believe that he would respect any vision of film, even the poorly executed modern version of Hamlet.


Perhaps if Bazin had a more concrete position of literature being adapted to film, then this passage would’ve been easier to read and less confusing for readers. Regardless of the difficulty it took to process this passage, I do understand the main parts of his statements and respect his opinions.

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  • martinvukaj

    yeah, i totally agree with your first paragraph. About how the detail of a novel is far more greater than what is shown on a film. A good literature to film adaptation (in my opinion) is inherit the wind. although i enjoyed both the play itself and the film, i felt more inclined to appreciate the play more just because the level of detail was more abundant. I pictured the characters how i wanted and some of them corresponded with how i saw them in the film, and in my opinion i feel that a gauge for a good adaptation from literature to film is seeing the characters how you would in the literature on screen.

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