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Assignment #1

September 14th, 2011 by Kevin L. Ferguson · 2 Comments · 1 Diagramming Difference, Prof Ferguson

To test your initial list of what formal aspects film has, watch Bruce Conner’s A Movie (1958; there’s a commercial you have to watch first):

As promised, here is a Sample Document  to show you what your college papers should look like. Always ask the instructor their preference, but in general make your writing look like this:

Sample Format for Paper [Microsoft Doc link]

Sample Format for Paper [same thing as Pdf link]

And here’s the assignment again:

Assignment #1: Diagramming Difference (3-4 pp.)

Some of your fellow Queens College students want to start a film club in the English Department, but they need to get approval from three professors. Since you are equally interested in film and in literature, these professors have turned to you for help, asking you to prepare a short presentation for them explaining the similarities and differences between film and literature, so they can decide whether or not film is enough like literature to justify adding a film club to the English Department. For this, you need to create a graphic organization of six ways the medium of film is and is not like the medium of writing. This might take the form of a list, Venn diagram, bar graph, pie chart, Carroll diagram, semiotic square, flowchart, etc. You will show this diagram to the professors while you read them a 3-4 page written analysis, which explains and discusses your diagram. In comparing and contrasting the two media, you should consider differences in rhetorical address, mechanics, argumentation, and other topics that would be important to English professors. Submit your written remarks and the diagram. Remember: you have not made up your mind about the student’s request and are only being asked to present an overview of how the two media are and are not similar.

Audience: English professors wondering about the value of studying or learning about film

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