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Class Summary(Wednesday 9/14)

September 14th, 2011 by Jihae Park · 1 Comment · Class Summary

The class started by reviewing the Eisenstein’s essay; how do we think about this essay. Then, we took out the Harvey’s paper and went over number 2, motive. We took few minutes to look for the motive sentences in Eisenstein’s essay.  We found few sentences and one of them was the third paragraph, which was only one sentence. Eisenstein is exaggerating and being not clear/sarcastic about what he’s saying in this sentence. We spoke about this sentence, then we went to page 33 that had the image of two masks and read the excerpt under the mask images to discuss another motive sentences.

After discussing the motive sentences, we reviewed the short clip we watched in last class. We learned how some conflicts made the clip’s atmosphere scary and violent. And then we watched this new clip  to discuss what conflicts are there and what would Eisenstein say about this clip. After the clip, we went over some examples of conflicts in the clip. Lastly, Prof. Ferguson handed us the assignment sheet, which is also on the blog right now. We asked him some questions about the assignment and we were dismissed.


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