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Response to Eisenstein’s love of conflict.

September 14th, 2011 by Natalie Bernabe · No Comments · ¶4 Eisenstein

True or not? Throughout this essay, not only only does he divulge in the idea of conflict, but its important role in cinema. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Before that, it’s all about montage. He mostly talks about how the Japanese interpret montage, but he feels it’s role in cinema shouldn’t be by the book. The official dictionary term for a montage is ‘the process or technique of selecting, editing, and piecing together separate sections of film to form a continuous whole’. He says this is the norm. What a movie needs to have is collision.

Basically, he’s saying it cannot just go like a river to it’s destination, what would attract people’s attention is the rocks in the way, fish trying to go the opposite direction, some upset in the water. this would make the journey much more interesting. In film, it would be snapshots and stillframes while the movie still goes on. Some random pattern that strikes us as odd, yet we cannot look away. Which, in reality, is conflict; that upset which changes the entire film.

One such movie is ‘Momento’. I was confused half the time because it told it’s story backwards’ it would start a scene in the middle of the movie preluding the beggining, or something. It was so interesting. Another one is the clip from the class “A Space Odyssey, which shows the stillframes of no movment to actual movement and sound from the monkeys, also the bone turning to the spaceship was another point of conflict. I’m sort of one foot in the water, out of the water about Eisenstein’s argument. I understand the importance of conflict, justnot all the time.

A movie that’s always cut up, always have these frames gets tedious and unoriginal; you start looking for the in the beggining of the film. It kills the fun outta the movie. Once in a while, having these conflict spattered films is nice and out of the ordinary, but i really cannot picture movies suddenly undertaking this task. He was very persuasive, however, even if he didn’t feel like elaborationg on the ‘lesser’ movies’ faults.

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