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Class Summary 9/19

September 19th, 2011 by Eric Dorcean · No Comments · Class Summary

    • First we looked at the class summary for the previous class
    • Watched the first few minutes of A Movie
    • We discussed our own interpretations of the movie
    • Essays were collected
    • We took the GOrden Harveys “Elements of the Academic Essay” and discussed the element of evidence
    • We discussed Semiotics: the study of signs


    . Sign = Signifier (the actual image) + Signified (the meaning behind the image)


    . Everything has TWO meanings:

    1)      Denotative- the dictionary meaning

    2)      Connotative- the symbolic meaning


    A)     Two types of Connotation

    1)      Paradigmatic- we compare what we are seeing to what the director could have done instead (what we don’t see)

    2)      Syntagmatic- how the scene appears compared to the order of the movie (what we do see)


    • Discussed Professor Herzog’s blog challenge
    • Applied challenge to the opening scenes of Citizen Kane
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