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Class Summary: 9/21

September 21st, 2011 by Natalie Bernabe · No Comments · Class Summary

  • First of all, we were told we have an upcoming trip to The Museum of Moving Images, which is located in 36-01 35 Ave, Astoria, NY. The trip is on November 3rd, a Thursday, from either 11:30am-1:30 or 12pm to 2pm, depending on what the teachers decide. It was said that those who cannot make it are should try to go on their own time, before (or maybe after) November 3rd.

In class, we were told to write:

  • One “smart” sentence describing how Monaco would describe film, from the excerpt James Monaco, “The Language of Film”
  • Then we each in turn read what we wrote and discussed everyone’s point of view, and how signs were again important to films, especially to Citizen Kane.
  • We reviewed the opening scene of Citizen Kane again, this time trying to note the patterns that reoccur.
Opening Scene of Citizen Kane:
  • We observed that the castle was in every single shot after the “No trespassing” sign up until we see the window.
  • The director goes to great lengths to make sure the castle is in the far right corner which the lit window in the same spot in every scene; probably to emphasize who is in the castle and why it is important.
  • The constant contrast between light and dark; the lit room is the only constant light we see, could signify life (until the light abruptly turns off, signifying maybe death). Or perhaps foreboding/foreshadowing something that is to come.
  • Someone noted that it could mean his journey to heaven, since it is near the sky, others saying it is because the upper screen is a better focal point; it grabs everyone’s attention. Someone else noted the fact that the reflection of the castle in the water is the only image of the castle we do not directly see, maybe signifying a “watery grave” imagery.

  • Next, we wrote the meaning of the scene from the denotative to the connotative. (The meaning of ______ is _______).
  • We took out Gordon Harvey’s “Elements of the Academic Essay” and were told to look up Key term, Structure and Stance.
  • We were then given a paper which had everyone’s conclusion and were told to find the said key terms in most of them. We saw that some conclusions did not have enough, had to many, or they didn’t expand on it to the rest of their essays. As we did not have enough time, we were not able to fully go into structure and stance. See you all Monday!
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