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September 25th, 2011 by Eric Dorcean · 2 Comments · Uncategorized, ¶4 Commercial


When I was looking for a good advertisement, this one stood out ironically because it doesn’t have much to show. I decided to choose it because 1) I found it amusing and 2) sometimes you could say a lot by showing very little.


First let’s look at it from a denotative point of view. We have a simple red billboard with white letters that says “Buy our product”. Then we see at the bottom in parentheses it says “were on a billboard”. This is advertisement at its most basic, with no fancy colors or pictures in the way.


Now I know what you’re thinking, “where’s the product”. Taking it from a paradigmatic point of view, we can be sure that the advertiser could at the very least but his product on his or her advertisement. Otherwise, how are the people going to know what’s being sold. But that’s just the point. Nowadays, people are purchasing so much for designing fancy billboards and getting their advertisements seen that it’s become common place.  In fact, because it’s so common, people keep trying to outdo each other to get the people’s attention to the point where we don’t care about the product but the fancy billboard. Take a look at this billboard in comparison to the first one:



Here we hardly have any words, but instead we have the product and it looks like it’s going to fall off the billboard. Now I’m not saying that advertisements aren’t important, but that’s a little ridiculous. If this keeps up, then people will end up spending more time and money on the advertisements then the actual product. I wonder which billboard gets more people’s attention: this one or the first one I listed.

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  • Kevin L. Ferguson

    I wonder if the first billboard is a billboard advertising billboards?
    I also wonder about the connotations of the type font and the color red–maybe this is a recognizable brand to somebody?

  • allymunks

    You definately found a very interesting billboard. it appeals to our more simplistic ideals. Id almost buy whatever product they were selling simply because they were ballsy enough to deter from the usual billboard style and be so straightforward.I take it as them acknowledging our intelligence instead of trying to sucker us in and im in full support of that, but thats just me. I do tend to think that its a billboard for billboard signs however because we’re given no mention not even a clue of what it is so we can go spend our hardearned money on it. Itd be a waste of money to get my attention then not tell me where to go.

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