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9/26 Class Summary

September 26th, 2011 by Tom Schalk · No Comments · Class Summary

Our class discussed Roland Barthes’ Essay, which analyzed messages within media.

While looking at it, we took notice of Harvey’s list of writing elements, particularly stance and style. A Stance should be clease, and a style should be just interesting. Not seeming too dull or too flamboyant.

Barthes’ style consists of equaling himself with the readers (via his use of “We”). He also demonstrates a lack of withholding on the use of complex words (linguists, semiology, etc).

The class was reminded of a motive, which is what the writer is intending. Barthes’ motive was to explain how people misunderstand the difference between images and language.

Language is strictly digital. Letters come together and make words. End of story. It ceases to be a language when it becomes analog or abstract.

The image provided was used for analysis:

The last part of the essay orients and reflects on the three kinds of messages:

Non-coded: The most literal representation of the image. There are tomatoes and spaghetti packages present.

Coded: Implied meaning to the image. The fresh looking tomatoes and pasta implies that the food explores the nature of true Italian food

Linguistic: The idea that something outside of the image is responsible for it’s creation. Panzani emblems are seen all throughout the picture, so we can conclude they are a company responsible for making the product.

We also concluded the following:

1) The order of each element is not important. There is no linearity.

2) The variations of food signifies professional culinary services

The following is a cartoon about Bambi, the Disney character, encountering the Japanese pop culture monster, Godzilla.

We took notice of the signifiers and signified in the cartoon.

Signifier: Introduction Music. Signified: Peaceful tone.

Signifier: Giant foot. Signified: Violence and destruction.

Signifier: Ending Music. Signified: Death.

We looked out for messages:

Non-Coded= Animated Drawings

Coded= Innocence crushed by violence

Linguistic= Credits at the beginning and the end


Reviewing the Reviewers is assigned.

Non-Coded Message= Drawings of flowers

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