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September 26th, 2011 by Huy Le · 1 Comment · ¶4 Commercial

The Iphone 3G S is the one of the most successful selling smartphone in the world. There have been many version of the phone and one after another they get better. The advertisement that apple did on this Iphone 3Gs is very simple and straight forward.

The advertisement features 3 images showing the capabilities of the phone. The first image has the title of Voice Control, as we all know voice control are very popular and use today whether its in a car with Bluetooth or when you are busy and could not physicality reach for the phone  yourself. The second image shows a bunch of icons which is known as application. Every single application have a different functionality that can be useful like camera, messages phone calls, music, maps and etc. The last image shows another function of the phone which is video recording and playback of such video. The reason apple is showing us these 3 images is because this is what we call the selling point of their products. With just these 3 images apple is telling us that this smartphone they are selling is just more than a phone you can use for calling and messaging, its a phone that can become your so called “sidekick”. Who need a camera when you have your phone? something you have on you every where you go? need a calculator? no problem we have one for you.

Aside from the images, we have the phone name which is Iphone 3G S but we also have a statement from apple it says” ” The fastest, most powerful Iphone yet”. This bold statement from apple provides the viewer of this advertisement with confident. Apple implies in this advisement that not only that their phone is good, it is the best and most powerful phone out there.

Apple gives us a  very clear advertisement of what the phone functionality and capabilities is but also gave us a statement that their phone is what you want. Apple uses just 3 simple photographs of their phone to be the selling point and it works. Why do i say it works? well just look around you when your outside you’ll find apple product in a second.

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  • Kevin L. Ferguson

    “just more than a phone you can use for calling and messaging” — something else I thought that was interesting was that they HAD to show three DIFFERENT phones to make the point that you only needed this ONE phone. It makes it look like you’re buying more than one “thing.”

    Don’t you think this ad is kind of boring compared to the other ads they’ve put out–like the ipod ones for example?

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