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Reebok Zig commercial featuring Peyton Manning

September 26th, 2011 by nlobello824 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized, ¶4 Commercial

I decided to analyze the Reebok Zig commercial featuring Peyton Manning for a few different reasons. This commercial highlights the odd shape of the shoe, features one of the greatest football players of all time, and is visually appealing.

This commercial begins with an animated version of Manning performing difficult football drills, at an exceptional level. I believe that the animated scene is there to support the oddly shaped shoe, and to attract younger viewers.  Throughout the commercial, Manning is playing football, and is wearing the Zigs.  The view pans in and out constantly, focusing mainly on the shoes, and Manning himself. This is a smart move, because it puts the fact that Manning is wearing the Zigs in the spotlight. Neither the shoe, nor Manning is the main point of attraction, it is the combination of both.


This particular commercial is memorable to viewers due to the fact that the target group is Athletes. Almost every athlete knows who Peyton Manning is, and they know the skill that he has. Due to the commercial focusing on the shoe being worn by Manning, viewers are led to believe that the  shoe is contributing to his ability to perform. This is very smart advertising, because who doesn’t want to play like Peyton Manning. The man is all ready considered a Hall of Fame player, and still has years left to play. A child viewer is bound to go to their parents and ask to buy the shoes, not only because of the shoe itself, but because a famous NFL player was doing amazing things in a commercial while wearing them.


I own a few pairs of these shoes, and i can tell you that they are a great athletic shoe, and i use them as such. But, being a camp counselor, I see many young children wearing them as well. I hear them saying that the shoes are awesome, and I firmly believe that this commercial played a great factor in the purchase of the Zigs.  Reebok did an exceptional job attracting their target group by choosing Peyton Manning to feature in this commercial.





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  • Eric Dorcean

    I see were your coming from in choosing this commercial. Manning is featured in alot of athletics commercials these days and alot of us would like to be half the athlete he is. However, I liked the animation at the begining because for a while you couldnt tell who the guy was which was smart because if we focus so much on the guy wearing the shoe then how are we suppose to understand the product?

  • Kevin L. Ferguson

    Great observation: “Neither the shoe, nor Manning is the main point of attraction, it is the combination of both.” Did you know it was Peyton Manning from the cartoon image? I’m not familiar with him so I’m wondering how recognizable he is. To me, the overhead shot of him moving through the practice drills was the “oddest”–it seems to be a sign of his technological advancement?

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