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Commercial Analysis

October 4th, 2011 by sandra411 · No Comments · Uncategorized, ¶4 Commercial

Megan fox Motorola commercial The commercial I decided to analyze was last years Motorola super bowl commercial. I probably chose this commercial because for one i do like Megan Fox but another reason would be it interests me how advertisers main priority’s is to grab peoples attention and more often than not it is done by using an attractive celebrity. I feel like most of the time good looking women/men are used in all types of commercials whether its selling phones, cars, hair products, etc. Objectification of women in advertising is a very common, most of the time they are just used for their figures and they have no relationship with the products they are selling. Kind of feel like this commercial falls into that kind of category.

The opening scene shows a shot of Megan Fox lying in the bathtub. The background I see is filled with green scenery which would points to the fact that the bathtub is outside, but as I looked closer I saw that there is reflection so there actually is glass behind her. I love how she said ” this little guy” meanwhile the phone is pretty big( compared to other phones), I don’t know something I found funny I guess. When you see her presenting this new phone it goes to a close up of it and shows popular websites such as Facebook and Twitter, so this product would most likely appeal to people who use these social networking sites on a regular basis. There could of been more of a description of features that came with the phone, instead it was very brief and she only mentioned that it can update networks all at once. I guess its hard to cram a lot of information about a product into just a 30 second commercial but not everyone just uses their phones to check Facebook. She than proceeds to take a picture of herself with the new phone and asks ” wonder what would happen if I would send this out”.

The next scene shows a man at work looking at the picture sent out, oblivious to what he is working on since the telephone pole happens to be exploding, but he is apparently mesmerized by it. I really like how the commercial adds humor in the next few scenes. Like with the kid in the bathroom, than right after a woman slapping her husband. Love how they added a gay couple I think that was the funniest shot for me when they slap each other. Lastly it shows a shot of a  man looking at his phone and another man on a ladder asking him if he “got him”. The man is so distracted by the picture that he lets his buddy fall. The camera angels were pretty good in that scene it went from just a shot of the man on his phone, than proceeded to a full shot of him, the guy on the ladder, and the house he was leaning against. And lastly a shot of him falling down while he screams for help. His friend is still not paying attention, instead he is glued to his new phone, he is just as oblivious to his surroundings as the first guy working on the telephone pole.

In the end the shot shifts back to Megan in the bathtub saying “probably nothing”. After that we get a look at the phone and a website to go to. Feel like there should of been more emphasis on the product in each one of those scene, instead they were very quick cuts. The product is missing completely from the scene with the gay couple!  The vibe of this whole advertisement is very bright seems like everything is taking place during the day or morning. Also noticed that all the camera shots happen to be straight forward and the scenery is different in each of them but sort of remains in a pattern. It goes from outside to outside , inside to inside, and shifts back outside to outside. Truthfully don’t feel like there was any symbolism, everything i saw was pretty much literal with all of the shots. The commercial would definitely appeal to fans of Motorola phones, Megan Fox fans, I’m guessing to both men and women but it seems to be more targeted for men because of the use of the hot girl. This advertisement did what most advertisements always do, which is use an attractive woman ( usually a celebrity) to sell various products. I did like the humor used though! Overall this was a good entertaining well shot commercial.






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