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10/12/2011 Class Summary by Steven Rengifo

October 12th, 2011 by Steven Rengifo · No Comments · Class Summary

For those who missed todays class, first we caught up with what Professor Herzog lectured and showed us. We spent a couple of minutes discussing “Umberto D.” and Italian Neorealism. Since we are almost half way through our first semester in college, Prof. Ferguson asked us how we felt with our other classes. Somehow he transitioned smoothly into a small lecture about a recent New Yorker article article. It mainly focused on how medical practitioners go to school for 8 years and basically spent the rest of their lives practicing medicine. This is obviously different for people like athletes, where they have trainers and coaches with them, constantly teaching and improving the player as long as they play. To make a long story short, the lecture was a bit inspirational because it taught us how humans go through several stages of learning. From consciously to unconsciously. Ferguson doesn’t just want us to know the material, but know in that it unconsciously is memorized in our heads.

(Here is the article in case your interested in reading it. Coaching a Surgeon: What Makes Top Performers Better)

We reviewed some of the “Learning Objectives” that we have covered and some that we have not. This led us to our possible major research projects topics. Each one of us shouted out several research topics and introduced the issue of avoiding broad topics. After a couple minutes, our topics got narrower and narrower, reflecting more towards how a 10-12 page research paper should look like. The majority of the class was spent on narrowing our topics down and Prof. Ferguson read Gordon Harvey’s “Thesis” element. Its important to have a thesis statement that is “true, but arguable”.

During the last 20 minutes, Prof. Ferguson divided the class into those that needed help with Prof. Herzog “Shot-by-Shot Analysis” project due this Friday and those who needed help narrowing down their research topic. The students who did not attend the class… missed out. This was different than the other class sessions because it helped us brainstorm different and specific topic for our big final project. Ferguson helped us brainstorm and narrow the topics because most of them were very broad. Volumes can be written from some of the topics that were shouted out. Its important that the topic is specific and “true, but arguable”. I know that can be a bit confusing, but take the time research and come with a specific argument. Hope to see soon.

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