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Investigative Proposal

October 22nd, 2011 by Huy Le · 1 Comment · 3 Investigative Proposal, Uncategorized

Huy Q. Le

English 110

Prof Ferguson


The films industry went through changes over the years with the regards to the amount of censorships that influenced a lot of films. Almost all the films people watch in the theater today, most involves some sort of sexual content, drug used, and violence no matter what the genre of the film is, Sexy and erotic images in films scenes can be displayed in a varieties and kinds weather its action, comedy, erotic, and horror. To look at how films get to where it is today, we look at the early days of films industry, and to focus on how censorship took place and whether films today is regulated or censored to how it was then.

Sitting in the movie theater I always thought that people look at pornography as degrading but at the same time some movie that we watch isn’t that far away from what we call a porno. Actors walking around with the lingerie and scene that are so suggestive, exploitative, outrageous and excessive but no one seems to complain rather they actually like enjoy seeing those film , some director even shows these scene in trailer to attracts viewer. Now I understand that there showing lingerie and suggestive sex scene isn’t pornography but is it too much? And is these things regulated? If they are is it regulated too loosely?

In the US, films are rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, but they only rate the movies that is submitted it to them, these rating however are not enforce by law enforcement, Is this consider as censorship?

To look at censorships history we go back to look at the history of censorship in films, looking at movies like Kids   , and Natural born Killer  to describe the violence and sexual content of these movies and how the audience reacted making these 2 film so controversial. Along with a closer look at the rating and censorships system as a whole


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  • Kevin L. Ferguson

    Did you see the two samples I distributed last class? You need to follow the format–you’ve got four paragraphs, but they don’t do the four things they need to do.

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