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Investigative Proposal (Revised)

October 23rd, 2011 by Jeen Kim · No Comments · 3 Investigative Proposal

Film is relatively young; it is roughly about 100 years old. However, within this short time frame, plenty has changed. The director, the one who is responsible for how the film conveys to the viewer, has changed as well. Directors from film’s “baby” years and contemporary directors have several differences (and similarities). How have directors of today, like Quentin Tarantino, changed from the auteurs of the 30’s and 40’s, like Orson Welles?

It is important to understand how certain events affect film, the industry, and it’s process. Directors were not always how we perceive them today, and they are what they are because of changes in the timeline of film. These changes affected the director’s process, responsibilities, debut, qualifications, training, etc.

The subject of history would be of much help in researching this topic. Events and things that were happening (on a small and large scale) during film’s evolution quite possibly could have had a direct or indirect impact on it. By comparing an “old” director to a “new” director, we could see just how much has changed by examining these differences in their times.

Resources of this investigation might include interviews, biographies and autobiographies (if they exist) of the mentioned directors. Also, databases and articles would be helpful pertaining to the research. Several books on film and film history can be of much use, too.

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