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Class Summary of 24th Oct,

October 24th, 2011 by Daniel Min · No Comments · Class Summary

Initially our class began to talk about the cinematic experience much like Barthe’s essay on “Leaving the theatre”. The quality of cinematic experience compare to watching it on a smart phone are vastly different in terms of developing a taste of true art. That experience when ushers were instructed not to let people in after 10 minute into an Alfred Hitchcock’s film will surely prevent the late coming audience to watch an unabridged film, therefore come to class on time.

We reviewed and revised what could have been done better on our investigative proposal. Professor Ferguson hand us out a sheet of sample questions and used a rating scale of 1 to 10 for the following. Is it a question? Is the Investigative proposal researchable in terms of being just right instead of being too narrow or too big. Is it open-ended or too black & white? Is the question true, but arguable? Is it the right balance between being overwhelmed with sources and lack of sources?  Is the question appropriate in respect to a discipline or a method? How does the questions use key terms? We’re criticizing each question on what could have been done better. Think of the question like a thesis, you want to make sure your question has everything encapsulated for your essay. What is the bigger context of the question? How you can go more into specificity for your keyterms? Is there a sense of motive? You want to make sure there’s a sense of motive, so you can convince the reader why your essay needs to be read.

Afterwards we’re given another sample essay which is “Politics of Superhero Comics Books in the 1980s”. We’re to look for a sentence and model after it so we can have an idea on how to improve our investigative proposal. Since our investigative proposal needs to be revised once more, we won’t be doing 4 paragraphs of our research strategy. Lastly, our latest revision of our 3rd assignment is due tomorrow and make sure to bring a hardcopy on Wednesday.

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