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Investigative Proposal (2nd revision)

October 24th, 2011 by sandra411 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Sandra Czaja

Prof. Ferguson

October, 21, 2011

Investigative Proposal:

Going to the movies to view a film for the first time, without having any knowledge on how it will be is very common among moviegoers. But many people these days want to know if their money will be put to good use when seeing a film. Many people tend to read reviews of the films even before seeing them to get an idea if will be good or bad. When a bad review is given, not many people are as excited or may even change their minds about viewing these movies. So how much do different film genre adaptations affect box office sales when given bad reviews by their fellow critics?

Before going to the movies many people are curious to see if the movie they are about to view will or will not be worth the money.Looking up critics reviews is the best way to get an idea of how their movie going experience will be, and if it will pay off. If someone sees that a film got a horrible review, box office sales might suffer severely as a result. No one wants to spend their hard earned money on a bad movie; it’s like pouring money down the drain. The purpose here is to see exactly how much of an affect do these critics have, when a great review is given do the box office sales rise or do critics not play a huge role at all or vice versa if the review is bad do the sales plummet or is there zero affect ?

I would look into many methods for going farther with this investigation. First I would pick a movie, (of any genre) and examine the critiques given to the film. After this I would see how this movie did it the box office. If it did bad and the movie review was not a good one it would help validate the point I would be trying to get across with this investigation. I’m sure other questions would be asked, such as does actor/actress choice also play a role in people viewing these films? But my investigation is purely devoted to viewing these reviews and seeing their effect on the sales.

When researching this topic further and when trying to come up with an answer for this question, Andre Bazin’s essay on “Adaptation, or the Cinema as Digest” would be of big help. Looking up critique reviews on various website would also be beneficial. Comparing the reviews to how these movies did at the box office would be another good thing. Many reviews can be found on websites such as Imdb or And lastly the library would definitely contain many sources on further researching this proposal.

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  • Kevin L. Ferguson

    Hi Sandra,

    The method paragraph lets me know that you don’t really have a strong to follow. You can’t say “many methods”–you have to have ONE to use to answer your question. I can also see that in your fourth paragraph, which doesn’t offer any specific resource that would actually help you answer your question.

    Your question could be made much more specific to help with that– what are the ” different film genre adaptations”? Why not just pick one genre? What does adaptation have to do with box office sales? Is that actually a second topic from what “reviews” have to do with box office sales? Can you think of a better word than “affect to describe the relationship you want to investigate? And what do you mean by asking “how much”? Didn’t you just say that bad reviews affect box office sales?

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