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October 25th, 2011 by Roberto Rodriguez · 1 Comment · 3 Investigative Proposal

Star Wars, one of the greatest film series of all time and beloved around the world for the way it captured its audiences with its use of imagination and compelling storyline. It is hard to argue that the 70’s brought about some of the greatest film series of all time like the Godfather and Rocky and also Jaws but it is also hard to argue that few films have had a greater impact on pop culture than Star Wars . You can see Star Wars everywhere you go and all around the world and that just shows how much this film series has impacted society today. So the cultural significance of Star Wars is pretty apparent but the effect that Star Wars had on the film industry may not be so apparent to some. How has the original Star Wars trilogy effected  the film industry as a whole?

What makes a film great is not only the way that it was received by its audience but how it has endured even after its release and one of the best examples of that would be Star Wars. My purpose is to explain how this film series has had an enduring legacy not only in our society but in the film industry as well. What has been the movies influence in the film industry? How did it impact the way that movies were made? These are the types of questions that I will try to answer in my research. I will try to help the reader understand the influence that this film series had on the film industry as a whole.

I think there is a very social aspect to my research because I am trying to explain how the film series has impacted the film industry today. I feel like this film has been influential in many aspects of our society not only in a cultural sense but in the way we view films. So in terms of a social aspect I will be taking a sociological approach to my research to show the effect that this film series had on the film industry. I think that is the best approach to this research because sociology is all about the roles that people play in their lives so I am trying to explain the role that the film series has played in film making.

I think that I will read many blogs and reviews about the film series to use in my research. I will also read interviews as well to see what the actors think has been the impact of the film series. So I will take advantage of modern technology and use the internet to my advantage as well as gaining info the old fashion way by going to the library and reading books on the films. And I will also look at videos of the films to gain a fan perspective of what has made this film series so influential.



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  • Kevin L. Ferguson

    I still don’t see the motive/purpose of the question. I want to know what kind of effect we’re talking about. It’s too general to just say that one movie has affected the entire film industry. So, what aspect of the film industry could you focus on specifically? Choice of actors, use of special effects, design of posters? The beginning sentences of your topic paragraph don’t offer any clues about what your real focus is. Consider what part of the “cultural significance” you want to center on. In your “motive” paragraph you ask “How did it impact the way that movies were made?”–I think that’s a question you need to answer first, and then ask a more specific question about in your 1st paragraph.

    You mention the “sociological” approach–maybe that’s something that can help you zero in on your true topic? What would sociologists say about this film?

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