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November 22nd, 2011 by martinvukaj · No Comments · Class Summary

Talked about Ms. Herzogs film assignment.
-famous directors thaat are literalistic
-Mike Lee
-Woody Lee
Directors that take you out of the film to remind you you are watching a film, and these people are not real.
Ferguson not going to be here next Wednesday or the Wednesday following.
-Messy draft, bring in hard copy for monday, no logical order JUST WRITE.
-Ex. clay ashtray, making cookies, igloos.
-throw anything and everything on your paper.
Then we analyzed the 4 blog posts on American Time Capsule.
-Revision and Editing was empasized.
-Demonstrate a link b/n ideas and writing
-What are the points of sentences
Analyzed Rawlings “Principles of getting good ideas”
-Dont begin with a topic
-Go from little concrete things to abstract things
-Connecting two unrelated bits of ideas, make them relate.
Then we attempted to watch a short youtube clip…… FAIL lol
Happy Thanksgiving to all. Enjoy your break!
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