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Course Calendar

8/29: Introduction to “Reading Film”
8/31: Adaptation and Meaning
Read: André Bazin, “Adaptation, or the Cinema as Digest”

9/5: NO CLASSES: Labor Day
9/7: Read: “The Three Little Pigs”
Due: 4¶ blog response to Bazin. Reply to 3 peers.

9/12: What Does It Mean to “Read”?
Read: Sergei Eisenstein, “The Cinematographic Principle and the Ideogram” (first half)
9/14: Read: Sergei Eisenstein, “The Cinematographic Principle and the Ideogram” (second half)
Due: 4¶ on blog comparing one aspect of Eisenstein to the writing process. Reply to 3 peers.


9/19: The “Language” Metaphor
Read: James Monaco, “The Language of Film: Signs and Syntax”
Due: Diagramming Difference assignment
9/21: Read: Monaco, “The Language of Film”

9/26: Semiotics: the Study of Signs
Read: Roland Barthes on the Panzani Ad
Due: 4¶ response analysis of a commercial. Reply to 3 peers.

10/3: The Specificity of Media
Read: Roland Barthes, “The Romans in Films”
10/5: Read: Roland Barthes, “Leaving the Movie Theater”
Due: Reviewing the Reviewers Assignment


10/12: Media Studies Class Day
Read: Sample Scene Analysis
Due: 1 page list of possible topics for a research paper in “Reading Film”

10/17: Considering Genre and Form
Read: Virginia Woolf, “The Movies and Reality”
10/19: Read: Susan Sontag, “The Decay of Cinema”
Due: Investigative Proposal assignment

10/24: Investigative Proposals
Read: [distributed in class]
10/26: Read: Maxine Hairston, “What Happens When People Write”
Due: 4¶ description of your research “strategy”

10/31: Library Strategies
Read: all of the tutorials here:
11/2: CLASS CANCELLED – Visit the Library


11/7: Citation / MLA
11/9: Read: Paul McHenry Roberts, “How to Say Nothing in 500 Words”?
Due: Annotated Bibliography assignment

11/14: Cutting / Editing / Omitting
Read: Walter Murch “Cut Out the Bad Bits” and “Why Do Cuts Work?”
11/16: Read: William Zinsser, “Simplicity” and “Simplicity (Draft)”
Due: Mock Interview assignment

11/21: Drafting
Read: Jack Rawlins, “Five Principles for Getting Good Ideas”
11/23: Read: Anne Lamott, “Shitty First Drafts”
Due: Messy Draft assignment

11/28: Style and Substance
Read: Mark Gaipa, “Engaging Sources”
11/30: CLASS CANCELLED – Revise two pieces for Portfolio Workshops
Due: Formal Outline assignment

12/5: Portfolio Workshops
Read: Lewis Thomas, “Notes on Punctuation”
12/7: Read: Peer workshop on portfolio pieces
Due: Second Draft assignment

12/12: Portfolio Workshops
Read: Peer workshop on portfolio pieces

Due Monday 12/19:
Portfolio with Final Draft, Cover Letter, and two revised formal assignments

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